About Us

Our History

Podcrash Graphics team started as SCP Media and joined the podcrash family in early 2017, started by two friends Anthony and Kade, SCP quickly became a leader in the minecraft community in both graphics and 3d modelling being involved in projects such as the Minestrike community texture pack, the Hypixel CvC 3d Resource Pack and the models for Wynncraft.

About the Team

Podcrash Graphics is a team of designers that possess a variety of skill sets, but share one common goal; to transform your creative idea into reality. We have worked primarily with Gamers in the minecraft community and we look forward to only expanding our market as we grow.

Our Aims for the future

Podcrash GFX aims to be the leading provider of high quality graphics and models for the gaming community, that includes Enjin communities, CS:GO, Minecraft and more. We also want to expand our position as a leading 3d modelling team for the gaming industry. working with indie and mainstream developers on new and interesting products..